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My experience of working with Yogesh and the team at RightCue has been absolutely brilliant.  Yogesh is practical and pragmatic, and was able to assist with creating an IT Strategy for the next 3 years.

We have achieved our IASME and CE+ accreditation, and that was no mean feat, as there was plenty to go through to make sure everything was ready for the assessments. 

Throughout everything, Yogesh has been by my side, always ready to offer advice. Would I recommend RightCue? Absolutely, I think they offer great value for money.


“I found the RightCue team to be very professional and approachable. They clearly understood the nuances of the legal environment, and were able to make pragmatic and appropriate recommendations that worked for us. They are good communicators, and we felt at ease with their approach and style.

We have renewed our Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, and achieved smaller security projects. However, most importantly, we have renewed confidence in our IT security policies and processes and trust that we have the right things in place to mitigate risk within the business. We are very happy to have RightCue on board and we will definitely be working with them again”


Initially, we employed the RightCue team to support us with achieving Cyber Essentials+ accreditation. However, before we could start the work we experienced a security issue, which could have been enormously expensive for the business – financially and professionally. There is no doubt in my mind that working with Yogesh and his team enabled us to recover from the problem more quickly, whilst demonstrating to our customers and the authorities that we were handling everything appropriately.

Thankfully we have moved on from that issue, and now working towards our accreditation. I feel the RightCue team has gone above and beyond to support our internal team, and me as the business owner. I would massively recommend them to anybody, in fact, I’d say it was a ‘must’ for any business.


When I was looking for a company to support me with Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, RightCue stood out. Their website was clear, and they were friendly and helpful when I called. That approach continued once I had engaged them.

I found them to be very professional, efficient, effective and polite. They offered a much more personal approach than some of their bigger competitors, and delivered the work with a minimum of fuss and hassle.

I guess you could say, they did what it says on the tin!


We started working with RightCue when we were preparing for GDPR, and decided to obtain the Cyber Essentials and IASME accreditations. The RightCue team provided a complete framework and then guided us through the steps we needed to take. Yogesh really impressed me – he had a detailed technical knowledge, and offered up pragmatic solutions as part of the way forward in achieving accreditation. I found the whole team friendly and very approachable. They were good at explaining things, diligent and responded positively to feedback.

There is no doubt working with RightCue saved me a hell of a lot of time. I didn’t have to spend ages researching solutions. I would say RightCue are a very dependable resource, and are reassuringly competent. A good choice if you’re looking to acquire security accreditations.


We made the decision to obtain industry recognised accreditation to prove to existing clients and prospects just how seriously we take cyber security. Equally, we wanted to ensure we were ready for GDPR. We have been hugely impressed with the team at Right Cue. They are very approachable and incredibly knowledgeable. I found Yogesh to be very responsive – even when I raised a query in the evening, it would be replied to quickly. I would say they have gone above and beyond what I was expecting, and their input has been hugely appreciated.

There is no doubt our accreditations will provide us with a competitive advantage in the future. Achieving those accreditations was so much easier, by working with an experienced and accomplished team of professionals, such as Right Cue. I would be very happy to recommend them.


My experience of working with the RightCue team has been great – they guided us through the whole process of getting our CE+ accreditation from start to finish. Our point of contact was Aaron, and we found him to be extremely helpful – going above and beyond the call of duty. We wanted to finalise a few things to get our accreditation signed off, and Aaron stayed into the evening to check everything.

They don’t just do the job and leave. They are at the end of the phone and happy to advise and engage at any time if you need them. If you’re considering Cyber Essentials accreditation, I’d definitely recommend RightCue.


Whilst going for a computer security accreditation is never easy, the team at RightCue made it as painless as possible.  They were clearly very knowledgeable and as helpful as they could be, given their role as a certification body.  They also responded very quickly to my emails and calls.

When we come to consider the next stage in our accreditation, I would have no hesitation in working with RightCue again to achieve this.  Choosing a supplier without a personal recommendation can be risky, but I have to say I have been delighted and would be very happy to recommend Right Cue to any small company that needs help with Cyber Essentials.


I was incredibly impressed with the RightCue team, particularly Yogesh. I have been involved in audits with the big consulting houses like PW and Yogesh was far harder hitting. He had no problem with challenging us, and really seeking out evidence that we were complying with the accreditation requirements. He was super punctual too – which I really appreciated, as it is such a rarity.

Communication was excellent. We achieved all three accreditations – Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME within a five day period. It was very hard work, but I believe we are the first further education establishment to achieve it in one sitting. But beyond the accreditations, Yogesh has caused us to think harder. To develop a maturity for our cyber security – processes and ideas for the future, and to think beyond IT to the business implications. Would I work with RightCue again? Absolutely, without hesitation.


Working with RightCue has been enormously helpful for our business. Not only have we achieved our Cyber Essentials accreditation, but they have also given us peace of mind about our compliance with GDPR. Moreover, by having confidence in recommending them to our clients, it has allowed us to concentrate on playing to our strengths.

All of the RightCue team are very helpful and very willing to go the extra mile. They are very committed to delivering a good service, and that’s why we are always happy to refer them.


When GDPR was being implemented RightCue proved invaluable to us. They were instrumental in overseeing implementation, and keeping us on course – which is just what you need with something so complex.

Since then, they have supported us with the appointment of a new IT provider – assisting with the tendering process and responses.

I would say to anybody considering working with them, that RightCue are an ideal trusted partner. They are experts in their field, giving excellent advice and support, giving you confidence you have the right protocols in place.


I’d say to anybody looking for cyber security experts and thinking of RightCue – don’t hesitate, just get in touch! Why? Their technical expertise is without question, and they deliver exceptional customer service at a cost effective price. They are super responsive, and nothing is too much trouble – it just feels pain free.

We have the reassurance of achieving our Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, knowing we have been evaluated by a team of professionals. That’s great for our customers too. Working with RightCue has been a very enjoyable experience, and we are always happy to recommend them.


The team at RightCue have excellent knowledge of the IT world – and it’s very fast moving, so that is impressive. They are focused and effective in what they do – I felt like they genuinely wanted us to achieve the accreditation, not that it was just a tick in the box. They are really nice guys, and a pleasure to work alongside, which is a huge plus for me.

When it is time for our accreditation to be renewed, we will definitely be going back to RightCue, we wouldn’t go anywhere else. Always happy to recommend them.


Initially, we reached out to RightCue because we needed Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation to meet the requirements of one of our customers. And there’s no doubt we sleep better at night, knowing our own systems have been independently assessed and verified as being robust and secure.

However, we were so impressed with their professionalism, skills and expertise that we have now developed the relationship, and RightCue have become trusted partners. It takes a level of trust to introduce other companies to your customers, but we highly recommend them, because they are a great bunch to work with – they feel like an extension of our own team.


Great communication between us, fast deliveries, and quality consultation and templates. We were very happy to work with you from the start of the project.

NUCLEAR 21NUCLEAR 21Luc Van Den Durpel

Your approach towards CE (Plus) certification is very constructive and helpful detailing and advising on the process and not purely the certification as such.


I was able to get clear answers from RightCue. They were the first that could give me clear direction. Nothing was found lacking.


It was a straightforward process, with great communication and support from the consultants, all delivered to time and budget. No improvements spring to mind. 

ASK4ASK4Jonathan Forsd

I’ve been working on two CE & CE+ projects simultaneously – one with RightCue and one with a competitor. It has been such an easier process with RightCue – communication has been excellent, the availability of engineers on their end made a real difference for keeping things moving along and the more collaborative way that they approach the process made everything 10x easier every step of the way. Looking forward to working with them again!

We achieved our accreditation in a much shorter time frame than expected.

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