Careers – Managing Consultant

We are looking for a talented and passionate Managing Consultant to join our bright team and help us sustain our progress. Your role will be as follows:

Making client’s success your success

As Managing Consultant, your role will focus on keeping clients delighted with the company’s services through managing client expectations, ensuring very high-quality deliverables, keeping a tab on the timelines and client costs. A considerable part of this role is to listen to client requirements, understanding their challenge and then providing solutions that leverage RightCue’s ability to deliver solutions.

The critical success indicators for this activity will be the ability to retain our existing clients, generating more one-off and recurring revenue by providing value-added services and obtaining excellent referrals and recommendations.

Project Management

Managing the resources within and outside of RightCue to ensure that our people are productively occupied while being able to deliver very high quality of services on time and within budget. The principal activities would involve scheduling of various projects running in parallel, reducing overlaps, and managing reasonable deviations that may happen at our end or client’s end. This activity will require continuous communications with the clients and internal resources, keeping a close eye on the status of various projects and prioritisation of activities based on different situations. You’ll be expected to make use of the RightCue’s project management tools and ensuring that everyone else is doing so.

The activity will also include managing internal time and cost expectations, ensuring that we are spending the right amount of time on a particular project and that any time or cost over-runs are identified and controlled.

The critical success indicators for this activity will be ensuring that our resources are making full use of their potential and the projects are delivered on time as per schedules agreed with the clients.

Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves in giving a very high quality of services to our clients, and this should be consistently reflected in the deliverables we produce for them. You’ll be expected to set and manage the quality expectations of the reports and documents that are released by us. This will range from looking at the very fundamental aspects such as formatting and grammar, to an understanding of whether the contents of the documents will meet the client’s expectations and RightCue’s standards.

The critical success indicators for this activity will be ensuring that there are minimal client complaints or negative feedback on the quality of our services and deliverables, and that any errors or issues are resolved to the clients’ satisfaction. Learning from any issues that arise and ensuring similar problem don’t arise again by changing our systems will be important.

Strategic Planning and Business Development

This role will be instrumental in the success of RightCue as a respected and highly regarded consulting company. You will maintain good relationships with the clients/ partners and generate cross sales/contract renewal.

We expect the role to evolve into a strategic position that will help design the future lines of service, exploring new opportunities, building a strong team and shaping the future of RightCue.

You must be self-motivated, a problem solver and a team player; ambitious and always willing to go the extra mile when required.

Technical Expertise

You should have

  • An excellent understanding of Cyber Security and Information Governance domains particularly in the areas of Policy, User Access Management, Information Risk Management, Change Management and Vulnerability Management.
  • Thorough knowledge of auditing concepts and principles, global information assurance frameworks and methodologies.
  • Thorough understanding of IT networks, anti-malware technologies, security concepts, encryption, access controls and configuration management.
  • Ability to confidently manage projects involving the implementation of governance frameworks including ISO27001 and IASME Governance.

Other responsibilities

  • Work alongside the operations and business development teams with existing clients to ensure deliverables are being met and contracts remain profitable
  • Resolve any areas of concern raised by the client
  • Coordinate internal resources and third parties/ vendors for the flawless execution of projects
  • Manage project team, delegate project tasks based on junior staff members’ strengths, skill sets and experience levels
  • Ensure compliance with RightCue’s Quality Management System
  • Actual delivery- Audit and implementation of system development standards, operating procedures, system security, programming controls, communication controls, backup and disaster recovery and system maintenance
  • Manage and maintain the relationship with the client and all stakeholders, third parties and vendors
  • Understand client requirements and generate new sales/ pass leads to the business development team

Essential Qualities and Skills

  • Minimum 5 years of client facing experience in cyber security/ information governance/ risk management domain
  • Ability to engage with the senior management of the client, interpret technical issues in everyday language, take decisions to manage the project
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to build rapport with the clients, excellent problem-solving ability and a systematic approach
  • Experience of managing teams and projects, ability to motivate and nurture junior staff
  • UK driving licence. The role will involve 50-70% travel, mostly within the UK, occasionally requiring overnight stays at different locations


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