Case Study – Aaron Sheppard

Aaron initially joined RightCue as a cyber security apprentice and progressed on to join the penetration testing team.
His job involved reporting to clients whether he had been able to get through their cyber defences, and offering advice on how to keep ‘would-be hackers’ out in future.

The role is a natural fit for someone who loves IT. Aaron was completing a Level 3 extended diploma in computer science when RightCue approached his college to see if any students were interested in an apprenticeship. Aaron’s journey with RightCue saw him successfully complete his three year apprenticeship and then move in to a role as a fully fledged consultant for a further year.


​Entering an apprenticeship

Aaron, who’s 22 said: “I always thought I’d have a career in IT. Originally I thought it would be some kind of IT support role. But when I heard about the RightCue apprenticeship, I thought it sounded really interesting. I’d spent so many years in education being told what to do, that the thought of doing something where I’d get to tell other people what to do really appealed.​”

“I knew university wasn’t for me. I felt proper, hands-on experience would be much more useful. And I wanted to see if I actually liked doing a job upfront rather than spending years and years studying for it first.”

Aaron applied for the apprenticeship, and after a successful interview, he was taken on part-time until he finished his diploma. He then joined RightCue full time.

His apprenticeship in cyber intrusion analysis involved four days ‘on the job’ work with clients, alongside a day a week studying remotely. After two years, he moved straight into a permanent consultant role at the company where he thrived.



“I really liked RightCue’s values and culture. I always felt supported and pushed, in a good way.”


Great place to work

“I really liked RightCue’s values and culture. I always felt supported and pushed, in a good way. Although still quite young I was trusted with a lot of responsibility. I built my knowledge and experience in penetration testing, and independently managed pen-testing assignments. I also line managed two apprentices who are on their way to becoming consultants.

“My own line manager, Yogesh, was more like a friend and I always had a great relationship with him. He’s worked for super high-value firms like PWC and Sony. I would love to do something like that. He’s a great role model and always kept me inspired.”


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