Case Study – Henry Mason

Henry joined RightCue Assurance as an apprentice in September 2021

He’s one of the apprentices on RightCue’s Cyber Security Apprenticeship Program, which blends on the job learning and shadowing senior colleagues with a day a week attending online lectures or completing assignments for Swindon College.


​More than ‘words on a page’

Henry, who’s 19 and passed his A-levels in electronics, computer science and philosophy with BCC grades in August, said: “I’d always wanted to do an apprenticeship. I could have gone to university but getting industry experience always felt more useful than just putting words on a page.

“By the time I’ve finished my apprenticeship in digital and technology solutions it will be worth the same as a degree. But I’ll also have three years of experience working on live projects and with real clients.”

Cyber security focus

Alongside his A-levels, Henry completed an ‘Extended Research Qualification’ by researching and writing a thesis on whether America is prepared for cyber conflict with Russia.

Henry said: “Cyber security interests me because it’s ever changing. You constantly have to learn and reskill yourself, and no work is ever the same.”

Joining the team

Talking about joining RightCue, Henry said: “I had to pass an aptitude test and attend a one-day assessment centre, which included a group discussion, another short test and an interview, to get my place. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but the managers were good at putting us more at ease. They also gave us useful feedback at the end.

Real work and opportunities to progress

“Day-to-day I attend meetings with clients, carry out risk assessments and write reports alongside other governance related tasks. It’s very varied because our clients all have different needs.

“I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve been really impressed with how much the company wants to support and invest in me and the other apprentices. Anything that we need to help with our training and development is paid for by the company, and if there’s anything I need help with for my study assignments, they’ll always give me a hand.

“I’ve particularly liked working with some of the more experienced apprentices, and a colleague, Aaron, who finished his apprenticeship and became an information security consultant. It’s really encouraging to see the progress he made during his four years at RightCue. I hope I can do the same.”


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