Cloud Security Assessments


Do you think your data is safe because it is in the cloud?

Whether you are at the beginning of your cloud migration journey or an existing cloud consumer looking to optimise and automate your cloud security, RightCue Cloud Security team can help.

Misconfigurations and poor architecture planning can create weak spots within your infrastructure resulting in expensive breaches and fines. We offer a range of solutions as part of our cloud security assessment services, to identify these problems and help you fill any gaps.

Core Software as a Service

Microsoft Office, Google Workspaces and other productivity suites operate on a shared responsibility model. Whilst you might not need to worry about the infrastructure, access and data control within those applications is your responsibility. For many businesses functionality is the priority when setting up, but does that come at the expense of cyber security?

Our security review assesses all aspects of your O365 and other productivity suites, and identifies any threats and areas for improvement. Our Microsoft and AWS certified professionals will conduct a comprehensive configuration review to identify any weaknesses that may have been introduced during the setup of Office 365 and other environments. Our team will help identify these threats and provide a comprehensive report to support the mitigation of any of the the threats identified.

Cloud Security Configuration Review

This is a technical assessment and configuration review of your Azure or AWS Infrastructure-as-a-Service environment.

The configuration review closely follows the relevant platform controls and industry best practices, and will include an in-depth review of the security controls available within the respective cloud infrastructure. We will deliver a risk prioritised report with documented evidence for each non-compliant control, along with recommendations and advice for remedying the risk, plus reference to the relevant technical documentation for configuring the control.

Cloud Security Architecture Assessment

As your organisation continues to expand, and leverage the benefits of the Public & Private cloud, it is critical to ensure you are maintaining proper and on-going security of your data. The cloud is dynamic and flexible in nature and there is an ever expanding list of services offered by cloud vendors. To ensure these don’t present a risk to the security of your organisation you need the capability to identify security weaknesses & vulnerabilities, assess the potential impact and recommend and apply sensible business enabling security controls that provide long-term security benefits​.

The all-encompassing assessment of your cloud’s security architecture, policies, processes and governance, in context of your unique business requirements, will provide you with a customised risk report with solutions and recommendations tailored to your business and risk appetite.​

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