Are your IT systems vulnerable?

IT security is complex; whether you are technical or not, identifying your vulnerabilities and understanding and addressing the risks is not always straightforward.

Our vulnerability scanning and assessment services, undertaken by our team of experienced professionals utilising leading methodologies and tools, help you identify and assess risks to your organisation so you can implement a plan to resolve any issues.

vulnerability scan service

vulnerability scan

What are vulnerability scans and vulnerability assessments?

User devices and IT networks are prone to cyber-attacks due to incorrect configurations, unsupported software, viruses, and missing updates. Vulnerability scanning helps your organisation diagnose vulnerabilities in your software and supporting infrastructure before an attack or compromise can take place.

A vulnerability assessment seeks to thoroughly examine each device/network using a range of specialist scanning tools to identify if they are at risk of compromise. They help you identify, analyse, categorise and report any security vulnerabilities in your operating systems and devices, so you can categorise and prioritise any necessary remedial actions accordingly. This enables your IT security team to take timely actions to rectify any security defects, ensuring your systems and data remain protected.

Regular vulnerability assessments are recommended, as best practice, to address existing and future risks. Organisations continually update IT systems, software, and hardware, and as a result new vulnerabilities are continually introduced.

What are the benefits of a vulnerability assessment?

Vulnerability assessments are required in order for your business to meet certain compliance requirements, for example; if you are looking to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus or ISO 27001 certification, in order to qualify for government contracts, and they may be mandatory for certain commercial contracts.

A vulnerability assessment, in conjunction with an ongoing vulnerability management programme, can not only help you identify and fix security weaknesses and improve your security positioning, but it also gives your customers confidence and reassurance that their data is safe in your hands.

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vulnerability assessments
vulnerability scanning

RightCue’s vulnerability assessment service

We work with you to understand your systems, data and risks to create a bespoke vulnerability scanning and assessment solution to meet your specific needs. We use a combination of tools and human intelligence to carry out these assessments. Our reports are written to help you understand the risks and provide a practical resolution.

Our team will use their extensive experience and our robust vulnerability assessment framework to create a plan of action, so your IT team can reduce and eliminate your vulnerabilities and risks. Vulnerability scanning services we provide include:

External perimeter / networks:

  • Firewalls
  • Email server
  • Website
  • VPN Server, Router
  • Web portals
  • Web application and remote

Internal networks:

  • Servers
  • Networks
  • User devices
  • Wi-Fi
  • Printers and other peripherals

We can also undertake regular monitoring of internal and external networks using cloud solutions.

Frequency of scans depends on your requirements. We can perform scans and assessments as a one-off exercise, or monthly/quarterly, dependent on your needs. However, we do recommend regular vulnerability assessments to keep up with technological developments and evolving cyber threats.

Our approach to vulnerability assessments – what to expect

We use a rigorous 4 stage approach to perform vulnerability scanning and assessments, providing you with a detailed plan and recommendations on how to address vulnerabilities.

Stage 1: Planning

  • Define Assessment objectives, scope and boundaries
  • Gather key information about your network and infrastructure

Stage 2: Configuration

  • Schedule a test date
  • Configure the vulnerability scanning tools
  • Validate the setup

Stage 3: Discovery

Run scanning tools on your systems with different scan options (note – the scans will not interrupt your daily business activities).

Stage 4: Reporting

Comprehensive report with in-depth analysis and recommendations on how to mitigate the discovered vulnerabilities.

vulnerability assessment
Vulnerability Scanning Service

vulnerability assessment framework - RightCue

What makes us stand out?

  • Extensive and thorough understanding of business, technology, and regulations
  • Consistent praise from our clients for exceptional customer service and high-quality deliverables
  • A flexible approach that allows us to adjust our services to meet your specific needs, whether scaling up or down

Our expertise includes:

  • Supply chain risk assessments
  • Security audits for all types of systems
  • Knowledge of industry best practices such as CIS, NIST, as well as ISO 27001
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Data Privacy and GDPR
  • Knowledge of market leading security tools and solutions
  • Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Cloud security assessments
Vulnerability assessment consultancy
What our clients think

“We began looking at how to get ISO 27001 certification and CSA Star Level 2. After an extensive search it became clear that while many companies stated they could deliver both, RightCue was the only business that met our requirements.

“The RightCue team were instrumental in the process – to be blunt, if there was no RightCue, we wouldn’t have been able to do this. Their knowledge of controls was outstanding, and they really understood our business.”


“We were keen to develop our IT security to the next level so we could expand our client base as well as giving existing clients further peace of mind. Working with RightCue has been a total pleasure. They are just lovely people and to us they are not only trusted advisors but they feel like part of our extended team.

"Working with RightCue has supported our growth as a business and given us the reassurance we need, knowing that our security and data protection is well developed and managed - that's thanks to RightCue.”


“In early 2021, the ATI established the FlyZero project, with ambitious targets and timeframes. RightCue were involved from the start, contributing ideas and sustainable solutions to keep the project data secure.

“RightCue are so supportive and helpful. They operate almost as a virtual CIO and worked with me on a long-term strategy for IT and security to ensure it remains fit for purpose as the business continues to grow.”


“Beyond the accreditations, RightCue have caused us to think harder. To develop a maturity for our cyber security – processes and ideas for the future, and to think beyond IT to the business implications. Would I work with RightCue again? Absolutely, without hesitation…’


“RightCue helped us to achieve our cyber security accreditations including Cyber Essentials and IASME. But it’s more than that - the protection and management of data is now very much at the centre of our business.

“The RightCue team are absolute stars. Nothing is too much trouble. if you need help with cyber security, you can’t go wrong with RightCue.”


"The team at Rightcue worked very closely with our internal team on our ISO27001 accreditation. They were extremely thorough and rigorous throughout the process, they acted professionally at all times and guided us through each step of the way to attain ISO27001. I would recommend Rightcue to help you achieve your security accreditations.”


"They don’t just do the job and leave. They are at the end of the phone and happy to advise and engage at any time if you need them. If you’re considering Cyber Essentials accreditation, I’d definitely recommend RightCue.”


"Whilst going for a computer security accreditation is never easy, the team at RightCue made it as painless as possible. They were clearly very knowledgeable and as helpful as they could be, given their role as a certification body…”


“There is no doubt working with RightCue saved me a hell of a lot of time. I didn’t have to spend ages researching solutions. I would say RightCue are a very dependable resource, and are reassuringly competent. A good choice if you’re looking to acquire security accreditations…’


“We have been hugely impressed with the team at RightCue. They are very approachable and incredibly knowledgeable...Achieving those accreditations was so much easier, by working with an experienced and accomplished team of professionals, such as RightCue…’


“Having confidence in recommending them to our clients has allowed us to concentrate on playing to our strengths.

All of the RightCue team are very helpful and very willing to go the extra mile. They are very committed to delivering a good service, and that’s why we are always happy to refer them.”


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