Vulnerability Scanning


Are you vulnerable?

IT security is complex; whether you are technical or not, identifying your vulnerabilities and understanding the risks is not always straightforward.

Eliminating your risks

Using our team to conduct vulnerability scans, with leading methodologies and tools, to assess the risks to your organisation will help you to resolve any issues. Our team will use their extensive experience to create a robust plan of action, so your IT team can reduce and eliminate your vulnerabilities.


A vulnerability assessment (VA) seeks to thoroughly examine each device/ network using specialist tools to identify if they are at risk of compromise. This allows you to take timely actions and ensure your systems remain protected against cyber attacks.

Regular VAs are used as best practice to address risk. VAs are also required for meeting compliance requirements e.g. Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO 27001, Government contracts and may also be mandatory for some commercial contracts.

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We offer External assessment for testing the internet facing devices like firewalls and web servers, web portals, gateways and VPN systems.

Internal assessments cover testing of devices, PCs and servers within the networks.

Onsite assessments are usually carried out by visiting  a central location that can also provide access to any other office networks. We configure various scans through our scanning device connected to your network.

 Check out our approach in the information sheet below.  

Remote Assessment

Remote monitoring is for clients who want the flexibility of having vulnerability scans performed either at fixed times or on an ‘as required’ basis. No more than a phone call or text away and with the minimum disruption to business operations, they can be continuous, daily, monthly or any other frequency suitable to your business needs. 

Our highly specialised security  team continuously monitors the status and alert you for any critical and high risk issues, providing you the ability to plan ahead for your system and patching lifecycles. 


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