DPO as a Service


The role of Data Protection Officer in an organisation carries significant accountability. You may not be formally required to appoint a DPO but still must have a person accountable for privacy compliance.

Managing privacy risks is a complex area and requires expertise in privacy regulations, information security, knowledge of emerging technologies and working at executive level.

Where it is not possible to hire a full time DPO or ensure independence from other executive roles, outsourcing this role allows you to benefit from skills and expertise at a fraction of cost.

Our DPO-as-a-Service program is aimed at creating a culture of data privacy and information security within the organisation. We support you in fulfilling all your compliance requirements and can also become your named DPO.

We work closely with your IT and operations teams to embed privacy by design concept in your projects. As independent advisers, we empower the management team to create effective privacy and governance strategy.

It is a bespoke program tailored to your specific requirements to provide best value, timely advise and expert guidance.

Working with us, you can also achieve certification to IASME standard which allows you to demonstrate your commitment to data privacy and security.

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