What is a virtual CISO?

While it is well-known that information security incidents could lead to heavy monetary and reputational losses, hiring a full time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) adept at dealing with a variety of emerging technologies is not a viable option for SMEs

On the topic of Cyber-security, the three key issues often highlighted by the owners and managers are:

Can someone explain this to us in a simple language?

Security is for IT to manage, very expensive and often disruptive to business

Lack of trusted advice on what is right for us 

Tailored to your requirements

Our virtual CISO program (vCISO), designed around your business and tailored to your specific requirements, provides a balanced and reasonable approach to Information Security. We provide you with a dedicated consultant who is supported by a team of security experts available on demand to: 

  • Represent at Board meetings and management reviews 
  • Build good security foundations based on international best practices
  • Work towards assimilating security awareness and education in organisation culture
  • Ensure legal, regulatory and contractual compliance

Benefits to You

  • Ability to prioritise your security spending to address most critical information risks
  • A consistent and effective security approach instead of a patchwork of tools and consulting assignments
  • Access to trusted and practical advice from reputable practitioners 
  • Clarity on costs and deliverables
  • Efficient handling of security incident, data breaches and other compliance activities based on SLAs

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