RightCue Assurance assist PRD Technologies achieve ISO 27001 and gain a competitive edge

PRD Technologies Ltd provides an award winning billing solution (Intelligent Billing) for telecoms companies, cloud solution providers and other sectors. Their clients are based around the world and include Westcoast Cloud, Dutch telecoms company KPN, Ridgewall Group and XMA.

In early 2021, PRD Technologies decided to gain ISO 27001 certification to prove that it has the framework, procedures and processes in place to protect the information of its clients and their customers effectively via a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS).

“RightCue is not just another ISO 27001 consultancy, they provide a truly tailormade service. It doesn’t matter if the business they’re working with is large or small, they are unwavering in their support. We had a dedicated point of contact and their help in debunking jargon and unravelling processes was indispensable in itself.”

Simon Adams

Managing Director, PRD Technologies

Customised ISO 27001 consulting services

RightCue delivered a tailored ISO 27001 consulting services package, aimed at causing minimum disruption to PRD’s business, bringing in expertise from its highly qualified and experienced team, and providing proactive and effective advice. PRD Technologies needed a trusted advisor who would support them with managing their security requirements from end-to-end, including:

  • Penetration-testing
  • Knowledge of leading Cloud platforms like AWS and Office 365
  • Datacentre network architecture
  • Office 365 security
  • Data protection advice

PRD Technologies chose to work with RightCue because they recognised that we would not simply follow the framework, but rather offer them bespoke ISO 27001 consulting services to support them on their journey to ISO 27001 certification. This methodology means that our customers save time and cost on the implementation process as we don’t develop unnecessary processes and procedures that have no relevance to them.


PRD is going through a rapid growth phase and the implementation needed to align with the changes being made to the networks and infrastructure, without causing disruption to their business operations. Covid-19 brought additional complexities of managing the entire process remotely and bringing the client and the implementation team together virtually.

A rigorous and supportive approach to ISO 27001 implementation

Acting as PRD Technologies’ ISO 27001 ISMS implementation partner, RightCue supported PRD through the complete ISO 27001 certification process, which included:

  • Full gap analysis of the existing ISMS
  • Identification of quick wins for a speedy certification
  • Development of a project plan, listing each task/owner within a ‘roadmap’ flagging checkpoints and roadblocks
  • Provision of user-friendly policies, featuring practical solutions to audit paperwork maintenance
  • Full technical risk assessment and treatment plan for the business, coaching and assisting to ensure risk assessment was established as the core of the ISMS
  • Regular meetings to monitor milestones and timescales as well as proactive meetings called by us to address challenges as soon as they arose
  • Providing access to specialist RightCue resources to aid their security programme and support implementation of new IT controls- e.g., web application and network pen-testing, network security architecture, Office 365 security, DPIA and GDPR support, introducing to Managed Service providers/ Security services to bridge in house gaps, ISMS training,
  • Conducting a mock certification audit and provision of vCISO during the implementation and during certification audits
  • Creation of 3-year audit programme and security roadmap
  • Maintaining extensive communication channels and rapid response to queries throughout the implementation and certification phases.

Our friendly and approachable team kept the lines of communication open at all times, so that PRD Technologies felt clearly informed on every aspect of their progress towards ISO 27001 certification.

“We always seek partners and suppliers that reflect our own values and go the extra mile. The team at RightCue has supported us as if they were part of our team, holding our hand every step of the way on our path to ISO 27001 certification. Such is the personal level of service they deliver, that their Director, Yogesh, even supported us at one of our client meetings to explain our cyber security protocols.”

Simon Adams

Managing Director, PRD Technologies

Information security is a complex field. We nurtured PRD Technologies’ employees, coaching and advising them along the way. In doing so, they understood their role in secure data management and the implications of their actions.

From building an initial understanding of PRD Technologies’ existing process and risks, to creating thorough and relevant policies and procedures, RightCue consultants supported PRD in the most rigorous and practical ways towards a successful certification.

Sonal Agarwal, Executive Director at RightCue, has considerable experience in taking clients through the certification audit process, which meant PRD Technologies was fully prepared for their ISO 27001 examination.

At every stage, we wanted to make sure their budget for ISO 27001 consultancy was used to the utmost and they had complete faith in our service excellence and support.

PRD Technologies achieves ISO 27001 certification and enjoys additional benefits

After initially achieving Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus qualifications with us, PRD Technologies went on to undertake the ISO 27001 certification. Meticulous planning, careful monitoring and close collaboration between PRD Technologies and RightCue over the course of a year resulted in the following successes:

PRD Technologies is now fully certified to ISO 27001: Information Security Management, an accreditation that is highly regarded and demonstrates a robust approach to handling data, information and cyber security

Their ISMS has undergone significant improvements, so they can offer their clients even greater reassurance that their sensitive data is secure

An already prestigious reputation for quality of service has been enhanced – elevating PRD Technologies above competitors in the billing solutions space

Brand visibility has received a huge boost now that PRD Technologies is inherently more secure

Raised further awareness of cyber security among PRD Technologies’ staff

Better ways of working, whereby data security best practice is embedded within daily operations

“PRD Technologies now has a recognised certification, giving our clients confidence in the secure handling of their information, which in turn which gives us a competitive edge as a credible billing software provider. That means peace of mind for us as well as reassurance for our clients – and their customers – that their sensitive data is in safe hands.”

Simon Adams

Managing Director, PRD Technologies

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