IT Security Training


Do your staff understand the importance of IT security?

In our experience, having your staff onboard is vital to minimising IT security risks. More often than not it’s a lack of awareness, not malice, that can cause the biggest headache.

If your staff need to understand what the risks are, and their role in supporting your organisation we can develop a tailored training programme to help. We specialise in delivering engaging, practical and relevant training – not daunting techie speak. We want your team to walk away better informed, and feeling positive – not shaking their heads in confusion.

Comprehensive security training

Your staff will receive comprehensive security training covering:

  • Password security
  • Data protection
  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Email content
  • Desk policies

and more …

We strongly believe annual staff training ensures IT security stays front of mind, building an organisation of trust where everyone is equally aware and responsible for your IT security.

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