Enhance your information governance through rigorous auditing

A robust information governance program requires continuous improvement, as policies and controls can be forgotten if not regularly checked. Supplementing policies and technical controls with security audits provide constant scrutiny, minimises potential security risks, and ensures that your organisation is equipped to respond to security incidents effectively.

However, the audits should be conducted by skilled and knowledgeable individuals to be effective. An independent auditor, not involved in daily operations, is also essential but can be challenging to achieve in most organisations.

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A tailored IT audit service for compliance and continuous improvement

At RightCue, our IT audit services are conducted by auditors with professional qualifications such as CISA, CISM, and CISSP and years of industry experience covering heavily regulated sectors such as defence, finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals, as well as client-driven sectors like software development, legal, education, and marketing.

Our experts bring specialised knowledge and insights into emerging threats and industry best practices, which you can leverage to enhance your security program. We also have extensive knowledge of various cloud infrastructures, ERP systems, and other complex systems.

We tailor our services to your business requirements, industry sector, and clients’ needs. We supplement your existing certifications like ISO 27001, CSA Star, and SOC2, and we can include compliance aspects important to you, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITRUST, FedRAMP, GDPR, CIS Controls, and more.

Our auditors can be rotated to provide you with a fresh perspective and wide-ranging expertise every time. Our objective is not just to find gaps but also to suggest practical solutions and improvements, as well as train your staff in industry best practices. With the constantly changing regulatory and threat landscape, our internal audit program offers your team another avenue to stay updated on changes.

As with all our services, our audit approach focuses on clarity, continuous value and trusted relationships.

RightCue’s robust auditing solutions

1. Outsourced ISO 27001 audit
You can outsource the audit of your management system to us. If it is an integrated management system, we can provide auditors to cover other certifications or work with your auditor to cover your IT Audit. We tailor the audit to your technology stack and regulatory environment to bring best practice recommendations to improve your information security.

2. Third-party audits
Our third-party audit service evaluates the compliance of your critical vendors with your organisation’s policies, regulatory and contractual requirements, and established guidelines and standards. This independent assessment assures you that your supply chain is secure and operating under the expected standards. Talk to us about sector-specific services such as coverholder and pharma CSV audits.

3. ITGC and technical audits
ITGC audits cover systems controls such as access controls, change management, data backup and recovery for critical systems such as ERP systems, and in-house developed or customised systems. Technical audits focus on technical aspects such as network architecture, operating systems, databases, and applications. They assess the design and operating effectiveness of technical controls to ensure that they are functioning as intended and are adequately protecting the organisation’s assets. The system can be cloud hosted or on-prem. Talk to us regarding your specific requirements.

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Benefits of RightCue’s IT security audit services

An IT audit is a robust information security tool for organisations of all sizes. Key benefits of engaging with us are:

1. Objective and unbiased evaluation
Independence is a fundamental aspect of effective internal audits. RightCue auditors provide objective assessments free from internal biases or conflicts of interest. This objectivity allows for a more accurate evaluation of security programs and the identification of potential gaps.

2. Industry best practices and cybersecurity focus
Our experienced auditors possess in-depth knowledge of best practices, benchmarking your security program against industry standards and identifying areas for improvement. Their understanding of emerging threats and security trends ensures you stay ahead of the curve.

3. Compliance and regulatory adherence
Engaging with professionally qualified auditors demonstrates to clients, external auditors, and other stakeholders that you are committed to good information governance, promoting compliance and regulatory adherence.

4. Continuous improvement
We evaluate the implementation and efficacy of security controls and internal processes to ensure they continue to align with your security goals. With board-level expertise, our consultants ensure that security remains a top priority at all levels. By collaborating with various stakeholders, including senior management, IT, legal, and compliance teams, our auditors promote a holistic understanding of security risks in a business context. Our objective is to provide a comprehensive audit that identifies potential risks and vulnerabilities and suggests practical solutions and improvements for your security program, enabling continuous improvement.

What our clients think

“We began looking at how to get ISO 27001 certification and CSA Star Level 2. After an extensive search it became clear that while many companies stated they could deliver both, RightCue was the only business that met our requirements.

“The RightCue team were instrumental in the process – to be blunt, if there was no RightCue, we wouldn’t have been able to do this. Their knowledge of controls was outstanding, and they really understood our business.”


“We were keen to develop our IT security to the next level so we could expand our client base as well as giving existing clients further peace of mind. Working with RightCue has been a total pleasure. They are just lovely people and to us they are not only trusted advisors but they feel like part of our extended team.

"Working with RightCue has supported our growth as a business and given us the reassurance we need, knowing that our security and data protection is well developed and managed - that's thanks to RightCue.”


“In early 2021, the ATI established the FlyZero project, with ambitious targets and timeframes. RightCue were involved from the start, contributing ideas and sustainable solutions to keep the project data secure.

“RightCue are so supportive and helpful. They operate almost as a virtual CIO and worked with me on a long-term strategy for IT and security to ensure it remains fit for purpose as the business continues to grow.”


“Beyond the accreditations, RightCue have caused us to think harder. To develop a maturity for our cyber security – processes and ideas for the future, and to think beyond IT to the business implications. Would I work with RightCue again? Absolutely, without hesitation…’


“RightCue helped us to achieve our cyber security accreditations including Cyber Essentials and IASME. But it’s more than that - the protection and management of data is now very much at the centre of our business.

“The RightCue team are absolute stars. Nothing is too much trouble. if you need help with cyber security, you can’t go wrong with RightCue.”


"The team at Rightcue worked very closely with our internal team on our ISO27001 accreditation. They were extremely thorough and rigorous throughout the process, they acted professionally at all times and guided us through each step of the way to attain ISO27001. I would recommend Rightcue to help you achieve your security accreditations.”


"They don’t just do the job and leave. They are at the end of the phone and happy to advise and engage at any time if you need them. If you’re considering Cyber Essentials accreditation, I’d definitely recommend RightCue.”


"Whilst going for a computer security accreditation is never easy, the team at RightCue made it as painless as possible. They were clearly very knowledgeable and as helpful as they could be, given their role as a certification body…”


“There is no doubt working with RightCue saved me a hell of a lot of time. I didn’t have to spend ages researching solutions. I would say RightCue are a very dependable resource, and are reassuringly competent. A good choice if you’re looking to acquire security accreditations…’


“We have been hugely impressed with the team at RightCue. They are very approachable and incredibly knowledgeable...Achieving those accreditations was so much easier, by working with an experienced and accomplished team of professionals, such as RightCue…’


“Having confidence in recommending them to our clients has allowed us to concentrate on playing to our strengths.

All of the RightCue team are very helpful and very willing to go the extra mile. They are very committed to delivering a good service, and that’s why we are always happy to refer them.”


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